Time life books and Etl Learning Materials

Give Your preschool an international appeal WITH Time life books and Etl Learning Materials


The early child hood days are enjoyable with simple joys like reading. Most parents wonder about the right kind of books children would like to listen to. Simple story books with lot of characters and colours are the best way to initiate reading to children. We are playschool consultants and we believe that the best investment is the time life book collections. They are graded as per age and are reliable. We have smart captions on every book cover which your child will surely be able to recognize and enjoy each time you pick the collection. If you are looking to buy time life books series in Mumbai, do bank on us.

etl books for sale INDIAThe reason why you need to read to children is to improve their vocabulary and also expose them to several facets of development. Simple stories, name and numbers are a great way to improve their listening skills and prepare them at home for a school. The books are simple and enumerated as per age related capacity. It is wonderful to see a toddler acknowledge the books and learn from the same. This is based on Etl Learning Material in India and this is a great way to know how the books will work for your child. Kids naturally enjoy fun ideas when it comes to reading and activity based on educative methods.

We will take you through the books and also present you the age appropriate reading skills which you will find interesting. Our presentations are put in a simple and realistic way so that all your concerns will be matched up. Reading to children and helping them recognize the virtue of reading books is a wonderful investment which will stay with them for many years to come. Books are a pathway to knowledge and there is no denying that when it comes to the exclusive collection in time life books.