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Preschool Teacher Training in India


We offer certified preschool teacher training institute in Mumbai ( India ). Our services and clients extend to Pune, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Surat, Kanpur, Mumbai,Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad.

It is a known fact that every child is different and blessed with unique potential. The challenge is to tap into this potential through a systematic program delivered at the preschool level itself. However, for that to happen, the teachers at the preschools have to be well trained themselves so that they can help tiny tots achieve their latent talent, skill and potential.

The preschool teacher training program is one such learning methodology that can deliver the results expected from teachers. The highlights of this program are as under:

  • Course modules have been created to provide hands on training to teachers on how to handle children in the preschool environment.
  • Guest lectures by experts will complement the theory and learning experience teachers acquire at the preschool teacher training institute.
  • Child psychology along with child behavior management will be taught to teachers for total understanding of how to deal with all kinds of children.
  • The batch capacity will be optimized at 15 participants to a trainer so that individual attention can be imparted to all trainees.
  • Job placement will be facilitated for all trainee teachers so that they can effectively implement what they have learnt at the earliest.

The modules have been split into 3 levels. At the first or basic level, the trainees will be exposed to the expectations from a preschool teacher, health, hygiene aspects and the development steps that a child undergoes.

The next level deals with the communication skills, behavior management, how to tell stories, how to design worksheets and make lesson plans.

The last module deals with the phonics training, assessment techniques, record management, and interaction with parents of the children, how to plan and enjoy celebrations with the children.

This preschool teacher training course is ideal for teachers already imparting education at schools, parents and those who are interested in opening of such preschools as a business proposition.

All of the above modules can be pursued at the comfort level of each participant considering they may have family and other commitments that may clash with the timings.

Parents will find the course useful as it will teach them how to bring up their children in today’s times.

The progress of the teachers is mapped through written assessments, project and case studies as well as their internship experiences in schools. Contact us for preschool teacher training courses in mumbai.