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Nursery Teacher Training Affiliation


There are nursery teacher training affiliation programs in India being offered by reputed institutes for those who wish to:

  • Pursue preschool teaching
  • Wish to start own educational institution or preschool
  • Parents who are keen to bring up children using the latest teaching methodologies

The above course is a comprehensive one that has the right blend of theory and practical training. The faculty at such nursery teacher training affiliations is experts in preschool education with a lot of experience. Their experience has enabled them to design a curriculum that is simple and at the same time very hands on and easy for teachers to learn and implement.

They do not compromise on the right infrastructure requirements or on individual attention to teachers. The trained teachers are subjected to an exposure that will help these teachers to manage the varied needs of children at that impressionable age.

Nursery teachers doing this course will get a lot of insights into different aspects of child health, nutrition, psychology, behavior and learning challenges, how to administer a school along with personnel management.

The course is designed to help teachers understand physical, cognitive, social and emotional requirements of children. Teachers are then able to motivate children accordingly to help them cope with developmental challenges faced by them.

There are regular in class sessions as well as online courses that can be pursued at these institutions. Those who prefer doing it online will benefit from the self study pace of the course. It is useful for people already working.

Anybody over the age of 18 and who has completed the 10+2 level of education is qualified to undergo this course. The course duration is for a year but attendees can complete it within a year if they choose to.

How is the course structured?

It is a module based learning structure with assignments to be completed during each of the modules. There is theory with sufficient practical or hands on training provided. Teachers are exposed to the latest teaching aids and evaluation techniques wherein they will be able to identify developmental issues within the children and suggest remedial measures.

The internship period for teachers exposes them to various preschool management and teaching aspects. They learn to appreciate the set up of the classroom, plan and prepare lessons and tailor their teaching as per the mental capacities of the children under them.

The nursery teacher training affiliation programs are thus an invaluable aid for preparing teachers meet the challenges of preschool education. Contact us for more details of nursery teachers training franchise in India