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How to choose a preschool curriculum in India


The effectiveness of a preschool is determined by its curriculum which has a wide scope of improvement to address several parameters pertaining to the growth of a child. While it is easy to understand what goes in the success of the preschool, what requires to be understood is why the success is sustained. With growing competition and new emerging preschool business, a curriculum that is comprehensive and simple is certainly regarded as the unique selling point for preschool business. We supply nursery school curriculum in India. Our worksheets are systematic with diary notes that allow you to customize the lessons as per your need. We offer preschool consultancy services across India including  Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Patna, Bhopal, Srinagar,  New Delhi,Pune, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad,Surat, Kanpur, Nagpur, Chandigarh etc.  We are curriculum and content planners in India for playschools, mother toddler. Jr K.G junior kindergarden, preprimary and nursery schools, play groups. , Sr K.G. Senior kindergarten, pre primary school, Child Day Care Center‎, Nursery, and after school programmes.


We have special international preschool curriculum themes in India which are easy to adapt and understand. The facilitator is also trained accordingly with the help of our team of experts who have been associated with teacher training programs that adds to several years of their expertise and experience. We have smart ideas for counting, dress up days, celebration days and unique holiday camps. Our syllabus is uncluttered and fluid with day plans that are easy to imbibe and works on the well being and holistic approach of today’s children.

We have merged our curriculum for pre-school education in India with the latest international trends. Our proposition is based on the subtle important parts which go on to add to the development of linguistic skills, logical reasoning and general readiness towards academics. It is easy to choose a curriculum, as we also offer a proper presentation that will give you an indexed detail of all our activity programs. Stimulating the mind of a child in the proper yet simple manner is very much required as this will be the foundation of several years to come. We would be glad to give you a presentation of all our activities and curriculum that will help your stand out as the best preschool in your vicinity.


Preschool curriculum development process :

We are the developers for curriculum meant for preschool. We present an entire calendar year full of learning activities and fun method of teaching for kids at your preschool. Do give us a call and we shall be glad to present to you our lesson plans for the entire academic year. We also have several ideas for after school program and that should certainly make your school the best in town. While planning a preschool curriculum we gather a lot of information from parents and their expectations. With global scenario and exposure, the student needs to get exposed to various aspects and also maintain the simple joy of adapting easily to a syllabus.

We have several experts in our team who help us evolve a new process of disseminating education and developing a comprehensive method of education that is a pleasure to teach and facilitate. Our teacher training program is also something that will add value to your process of training your teachers. Preschool years should be joyous and at the same time the methodology used should be realistic and simple. The rote learning process is altered to meet up with new demands in pedagogy. We have devised interactive modules, number fun games, phonics chart and also parent activity days to make the education very interesting.

We are one of the esteemed preschool curriculum developers in India and our repute lies in our special talent to imbibe the basic tenets and presenting a simple ideology that suits a certain age group. The colourful activity pages, scribble pads, water play ideas and motor skills improvement are also listed well in all our activity ideas which can be followed all through the month. Indian festival celebration along with dress up days and props are also suggested in our curriculum. We also deliver customized lesson plans to suit the needs of your preschool.
Day wise play school curriculum 

The curriculum for a play school needs to have the belief of simplicity and fluidity to merge with the exposure a child has in today’s world. We have integrated our syllabus and our ideas for a preschool curriculum which are unique and adaptable. We have the best curriculum writers who do an excellent job of researching ideas and make it adaptable for the young minds. Our flexible module is always open to customization. Ideas are also about executing it well and we add our training program which is a systematic way to bring in more enforcement of our syllabus.

We are the curriculum suppliers to many leading schools and our primary school curriculum in India is simply the best. We understand the dynamics of having a good syllabus for the growth and development of children which will reflect on the growth and enhancement of your business. We have worked new ideas on phonics, numbers and drawing skills for all ages and children will surely love our worksheets. It is indeed our pride to be associated with new age schools who believe in the true joy of learning.

We supply integrated curriculum for preschools in India and our work is par excellence. While it is great to learn new ways to make a child adapt to learning, the simplicity of our academic curriculum certainly paves way for new scope of learning innovative skills for the tutor and the student. We have been the best curriculum providers and it is our privilege to be in the field of education.

We are involved with the development and designing of curriculum for playgroup in India and we cater to a huge clientele due to our long standing expertise and professionalism. Do call us and we shall present you a synopsis of our academic curriculum for your playgroup.