How to start a teacher training institute in India

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It calls for a lot of dedication and purpose to start a teacher training institute. After all, you are going to be developing and grooming teachers who are going to be guiding thousands of students in their life time. There has to be clarity regarding the mission, objectives and other requirements necessary for a successful training institute like infrastructure.


The first step is to have a clear mission with regards to providing a learning experience that promotes multifaceted development amongst the teachers. Your mission should also endeavor to integrate technology into education along with research so as to foster these aspects within teachers.

It is also essential to develop multiculturalism, scientific temper, consciousness towards the environment, team spirit and an attitude of a learner among them. This will make sure they carry such sentiments to the students they teach as well.


The objectives of the institute must focus on teaching practices that sensitize teachers towards what is happening on the social front; enable them to develop competencies of life skills among the students. The institute should cater to programs at various levels starting from Early Childhood Diploma to Elementary Education and also to Bachelor of Education Programs.


Today classrooms have to be smart and well equipped with LCD displays and computers. There has to be proper arrangements for audio visual presentations as well. Teachers have to be trained to use such equipment with ease so that they too can impart education to children in similar fashion.

Laboratories that cater to requirements of disciplines like psychology that mandates the use of certain testing material have to be state of art. The curriculum laboratory serving the needs of science, geography, mathematics should have the relevant kits.

Libraries should have books and material in physical form. Teachers and students should also be able to subscribe to electronic teaching aids and information such as e-books, e-journals. Academic resources in the form of print, audio and video have to be made available and these should be updated on a regular basis.

The computer laboratory should have high speed internet and wifi arrangements. Personal computers with the best and latest configurations should be available for use at any time. Education software in the form of CDs, DVDs can help teachers and students to self learn and at their own pace.


To conclude, a good teacher training institute must also be willing to adopt new techniques to communicate with teachers, including taking feedback at regular intervals.