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Phonics Classes For Teachers

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If children at the preschool level have to get exposed to correct reading, writing and communication skills, then they have to be taught by the right teachers. Phonics classes for teachers therefore assumes greater importance since teachers have to be first put through the paces before they can impart their knowledge to the children. We conduct phonics classes for teachers in mumbai.

What is phonics?

Phonics refers to the usage of the right sound, intonation and phonetics when speaking a language. If somebody has to start writing a language in the correct manner it is vital to understand and grasp the sounds of specific alphabets, how they should sound when they are spoken about in sentences. Phonics classes for teachers emphasizes on imparting these skills to teachers so that they can carry on the good work to their students.

Words in any language are a combination of alphabets with different sound intonations. Once that is known, understanding words, relating them to the context becomes easy. Writing then becomes a much easier process since the child can relate to the words to be used that are specific to the context. Otherwise they are bound to make mistakes.

Teachers who are trained in phonics would be able to:

  • Identify the 42 main letters adorning the English language and develop competent writing skills
  • Blend sounds that make for correct word formation and correct reading
  • Link the letters pertaining to specific spoken words so as to use them lucidly when writing
  • Read correctly and fluently with right diction so that children and others do not find it difficult to understand

Children exposed to such an experience will not commit many of the usual spelling mistakes as they would be able to understand the word phonetics along with the diction correctly.

The phonics training for teachers helps teachers to also:

  • Encourage children to read and write on their own
  • Bolster the creative process within the children so that they come out with ideas
  • Help children develop vocabulary for day to day use and using the right phonetics
  • Encourage children for public speaking since they would have the self confidence of knowing the language and how it is spoken

To conclude, the phonics classes for teachers would be of great value for teachers and children. Other professionals and parents too can take such a course to improve their communication skills. We offer phonics courses and classes for teachers in Chennai, Pune, Surat, Kanpur, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, New Delhi, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad.

Preschool Teacher Training in India

We offer certified preschool teacher training institute in Mumbai ( India ). Our services and clients extend to Pune, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Surat, Kanpur, Mumbai,Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad.

It is a known fact that every child is different and blessed with unique potential. The challenge is to tap into this potential through a systematic program delivered at the preschool level itself. However, for that to happen, the teachers at the preschools have to be well trained themselves so that they can help tiny tots achieve their latent talent, skill and potential.

The preschool teacher training program is one such learning methodology that can deliver the results expected from teachers. The highlights of this program are as under:

  • Course modules have been created to provide hands on training to teachers on how to handle children in the preschool environment.
  • Guest lectures by experts will complement the theory and learning experience teachers acquire at the preschool teacher training institute.
  • Child psychology along with child behavior management will be taught to teachers for total understanding of how to deal with all kinds of children.
  • The batch capacity will be optimized at 15 participants to a trainer so that individual attention can be imparted to all trainees.
  • Job placement will be facilitated for all trainee teachers so that they can effectively implement what they have learnt at the earliest.

The modules have been split into 3 levels. At the first or basic level, the trainees will be exposed to the expectations from a preschool teacher, health, hygiene aspects and the development steps that a child undergoes.

The next level deals with the communication skills, behavior management, how to tell stories, how to design worksheets and make lesson plans.

The last module deals with the phonics training, assessment techniques, record management, and interaction with parents of the children, how to plan and enjoy celebrations with the children.

This preschool teacher training course is ideal for teachers already imparting education at schools, parents and those who are interested in opening of such preschools as a business proposition.

All of the above modules can be pursued at the comfort level of each participant considering they may have family and other commitments that may clash with the timings.

Parents will find the course useful as it will teach them how to bring up their children in today’s times.

The progress of the teachers is mapped through written assessments, project and case studies as well as their internship experiences in schools. Contact us for preschool teacher training courses in mumbai.

Nursery Teacher Training Affiliation

There are nursery teacher training affiliation programs in India being offered by reputed institutes for those who wish to:

  • Pursue preschool teaching
  • Wish to start own educational institution or preschool
  • Parents who are keen to bring up children using the latest teaching methodologies

The above course is a comprehensive one that has the right blend of theory and practical training. The faculty at such nursery teacher training affiliations is experts in preschool education with a lot of experience. Their experience has enabled them to design a curriculum that is simple and at the same time very hands on and easy for teachers to learn and implement.

They do not compromise on the right infrastructure requirements or on individual attention to teachers. The trained teachers are subjected to an exposure that will help these teachers to manage the varied needs of children at that impressionable age.

Nursery teachers doing this course will get a lot of insights into different aspects of child health, nutrition, psychology, behavior and learning challenges, how to administer a school along with personnel management.

The course is designed to help teachers understand physical, cognitive, social and emotional requirements of children. Teachers are then able to motivate children accordingly to help them cope with developmental challenges faced by them.

There are regular in class sessions as well as online courses that can be pursued at these institutions. Those who prefer doing it online will benefit from the self study pace of the course. It is useful for people already working.

Anybody over the age of 18 and who has completed the 10+2 level of education is qualified to undergo this course. The course duration is for a year but attendees can complete it within a year if they choose to.

How is the course structured?

It is a module based learning structure with assignments to be completed during each of the modules. There is theory with sufficient practical or hands on training provided. Teachers are exposed to the latest teaching aids and evaluation techniques wherein they will be able to identify developmental issues within the children and suggest remedial measures.

The internship period for teachers exposes them to various preschool management and teaching aspects. They learn to appreciate the set up of the classroom, plan and prepare lessons and tailor their teaching as per the mental capacities of the children under them.

The nursery teacher training affiliation programs are thus an invaluable aid for preparing teachers meet the challenges of preschool education. Contact us for more details of nursery teachers training franchise in India

How To Start A Montessori Teacher Training Institute

With parents of tiny tots in today’ s world busy with their professional lives, the responsibility of looking after and training them adequately falls on Montessori teachers. However, these teachers have to be trained properly under a structured program for them to be effective in managing the children and that is where the question of how to start a Montessori teacher training institute assumes great significance.

This course is ideal for those who wish to impart their knowledge and training in child care institutions like preschools, crèches, kindergartens and daycare centers. Those taking this course would understand how to function as teacher, course co-coordinator, administrator and supervisor.

The field of education and specifically childcare is an interesting and challenging one. The Montessori course is something not only teachers but parents as well as entrepreneurs desirous of starting a preschool will find extremely useful. That age of a tiny tot is an impressionable one where child psychology has to be understood by the teachers when doing their duty.

The attendees should have completed the 10+2 level and above 18 years of age. The duration of the course is for a year and there is no restriction on anybody completing the course even within the year. You can attend the regular in class sessions or even go for distance learning.

The Montessori institute should have the following attributes:

  • A good infrastructure that is bright, airy with provision for air-conditioning when needed
  • Trainees should get individual attention and therefore overcrowding should be avoided
  • Faculty members should be able to give feedback and guidance at all times during the course
  • The curriculum should include theory lessons with practical training
  • Regular workshops on topics like lesson planning, phonetics, projects should be held to encourage teachers develop a holistic approach.
  • Internship of a month or more at an actual preschool should be a part of the course
  • Use of different types of training aids should be taught.

The Montessori teacher training equips attendees to pursue a career in imparting education at a level that is most crucial in a child’s life. This course will set the foundation for other courses that the teachers may study at a later stage of their life, should they desire. It is also ideal for those who are part time workers and wish to devote more time to their growing children at home. Contact us to open or Procedure to start a Montessori Teacher training academy Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Jaipur Kanpur, Pune, or Surat.

How to start a teacher training institute in India

if you are interested to know how to start a teacher training institute in India, contact us. We also offer teacher training institute franchise set up consultancy across Indian cities including Mumbai, Bengaluru [ Bangalore], Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Surat, Jaipur Kanpur, etc.

It calls for a lot of dedication and purpose to start a teacher training institute. After all, you are going to be developing and grooming teachers who are going to be guiding thousands of students in their life time. There has to be clarity regarding the mission, objectives and other requirements necessary for a successful training institute like infrastructure.


The first step is to have a clear mission with regards to providing a learning experience that promotes multifaceted development amongst the teachers. Your mission should also endeavor to integrate technology into education along with research so as to foster these aspects within teachers.

It is also essential to develop multiculturalism, scientific temper, consciousness towards the environment, team spirit and an attitude of a learner among them. This will make sure they carry such sentiments to the students they teach as well.


The objectives of the institute must focus on teaching practices that sensitize teachers towards what is happening on the social front; enable them to develop competencies of life skills among the students. The institute should cater to programs at various levels starting from Early Childhood Diploma to Elementary Education and also to Bachelor of Education Programs.


Today classrooms have to be smart and well equipped with LCD displays and computers. There has to be proper arrangements for audio visual presentations as well. Teachers have to be trained to use such equipment with ease so that they too can impart education to children in similar fashion.

Laboratories that cater to requirements of disciplines like psychology that mandates the use of certain testing material have to be state of art. The curriculum laboratory serving the needs of science, geography, mathematics should have the relevant kits.

Libraries should have books and material in physical form. Teachers and students should also be able to subscribe to electronic teaching aids and information such as e-books, e-journals. Academic resources in the form of print, audio and video have to be made available and these should be updated on a regular basis.

The computer laboratory should have high speed internet and wifi arrangements. Personal computers with the best and latest configurations should be available for use at any time. Education software in the form of CDs, DVDs can help teachers and students to self learn and at their own pace.


To conclude, a good teacher training institute must also be willing to adopt new techniques to communicate with teachers, including taking feedback at regular intervals.