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How to choose a preschool curriculum in India

The effectiveness of a preschool is determined by its curriculum which has a wide scope of improvement to address several parameters pertaining to the growth of a child. While it is easy to understand what goes in the success of the preschool, what requires to be understood is why the success is sustained. With growing competition and new emerging preschool business, a curriculum that is comprehensive and simple is certainly regarded as the unique selling point for preschool business. We supply nursery school curriculum in India. Our worksheets are systematic with diary notes that allow you to customize the lessons as per your need. We offer preschool consultancy services across India including  Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Patna, Bhopal, Srinagar,  New Delhi,Pune, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad,Surat, Kanpur, Nagpur, Chandigarh etc.  We are curriculum and content planners in India for playschools, mother toddler. Jr K.G junior kindergarden, preprimary and nursery schools, play groups. , Sr K.G. Senior kindergarten, pre primary school, Child Day Care Center‎, Nursery, and after school programmes.


We have special international preschool curriculum themes in India which are easy to adapt and understand. The facilitator is also trained accordingly with the help of our team of experts who have been associated with teacher training programs that adds to several years of their expertise and experience. We have smart ideas for counting, dress up days, celebration days and unique holiday camps. Our syllabus is uncluttered and fluid with day plans that are easy to imbibe and works on the well being and holistic approach of today’s children.

We have merged our curriculum for pre-school education in India with the latest international trends. Our proposition is based on the subtle important parts which go on to add to the development of linguistic skills, logical reasoning and general readiness towards academics. It is easy to choose a curriculum, as we also offer a proper presentation that will give you an indexed detail of all our activity programs. Stimulating the mind of a child in the proper yet simple manner is very much required as this will be the foundation of several years to come. We would be glad to give you a presentation of all our activities and curriculum that will help your stand out as the best preschool in your vicinity.


Preschool curriculum development process :

We are the developers for curriculum meant for preschool. We present an entire calendar year full of learning activities and fun method of teaching for kids at your preschool. Do give us a call and we shall be glad to present to you our lesson plans for the entire academic year. We also have several ideas for after school program and that should certainly make your school the best in town. While planning a preschool curriculum we gather a lot of information from parents and their expectations. With global scenario and exposure, the student needs to get exposed to various aspects and also maintain the simple joy of adapting easily to a syllabus.

We have several experts in our team who help us evolve a new process of disseminating education and developing a comprehensive method of education that is a pleasure to teach and facilitate. Our teacher training program is also something that will add value to your process of training your teachers. Preschool years should be joyous and at the same time the methodology used should be realistic and simple. The rote learning process is altered to meet up with new demands in pedagogy. We have devised interactive modules, number fun games, phonics chart and also parent activity days to make the education very interesting.

We are one of the esteemed preschool curriculum developers in India and our repute lies in our special talent to imbibe the basic tenets and presenting a simple ideology that suits a certain age group. The colourful activity pages, scribble pads, water play ideas and motor skills improvement are also listed well in all our activity ideas which can be followed all through the month. Indian festival celebration along with dress up days and props are also suggested in our curriculum. We also deliver customized lesson plans to suit the needs of your preschool.
Day wise play school curriculum 

The curriculum for a play school needs to have the belief of simplicity and fluidity to merge with the exposure a child has in today’s world. We have integrated our syllabus and our ideas for a preschool curriculum which are unique and adaptable. We have the best curriculum writers who do an excellent job of researching ideas and make it adaptable for the young minds. Our flexible module is always open to customization. Ideas are also about executing it well and we add our training program which is a systematic way to bring in more enforcement of our syllabus.

We are the curriculum suppliers to many leading schools and our primary school curriculum in India is simply the best. We understand the dynamics of having a good syllabus for the growth and development of children which will reflect on the growth and enhancement of your business. We have worked new ideas on phonics, numbers and drawing skills for all ages and children will surely love our worksheets. It is indeed our pride to be associated with new age schools who believe in the true joy of learning.

We supply integrated curriculum for preschools in India and our work is par excellence. While it is great to learn new ways to make a child adapt to learning, the simplicity of our academic curriculum certainly paves way for new scope of learning innovative skills for the tutor and the student. We have been the best curriculum providers and it is our privilege to be in the field of education.

We are involved with the development and designing of curriculum for playgroup in India and we cater to a huge clientele due to our long standing expertise and professionalism. Do call us and we shall present you a synopsis of our academic curriculum for your playgroup.

Enrichment activities for preschoolers – Planning a preschool curriculum

Any business thrives on a success formula. But when it comes to education especially in the preschool category there is so much more to do. While you have invested in time and space for your day care activity centre or playschool, it is very important to gain more knowledge on how one can gather more ideas on enrichment programs in India that will continuously improve your business options and thereby get you more success and ensure profits.

Preschool business is certainly about a lot of competition which you may see in the first year itself. Location, marketing and potential customer sighting are the main parameters which help you start the business. But much more needs to be done. For a detailed consultation and activating a new business plan you can call us as we are the play school consultants for all types of preschools all over India.

We can also give you a comprehensive plan for enrichment activities for preschoolers. This will help you to gain more visibility as activity classes are surely what most parents want. Along with plans for engaging a toddler; it is also important that they gain several milestones in the motor skills, literary activities and math logics. We have a wide range of plan for new activity centres which are live in many of our franchise options.

The best part about dealing with us is that we can customize the activity plans for you. We also have science enrichment activities that are simple, easy and interesting for a child to understand.  Innovation is the key here and we cater to wide range of activity classes that will be appreciated by your customers. In case of preschool business, niche plans along with dedicated facilitators is the key to success. New business is also about finding systematic and creative options that is logical, effective and adds enrichment to your curriculum.

Play school franchise in Vishakhapatnam – Start a preschool in Andhra Pradesh

Visakhapatnam is prominently known as the largest city in Andhra Pradesh. It hosts the famous institutions like   Indian Maritime University, National Institute of Oceanography and National Law University. Visakhapatnam is a significant base for the India Navy in various aspects. There are preschool franchise options in Vishakhapatnam or you can start your preschool too.

As the city is famous in Andhra Pradesh as the center of education, setting up a preschool here is a good business opportunity. You can create a business plan for this venture by considering the prospects in various parts of the city. For example, you may select a location in the vicinity of the naval base, or around the IT hubs or it may be a busy city area. According to the anticipated customers, you can plan the school set up and amenities.

A preschool can have a lavish interior with all the latest amenities or it could be a simple yet completely and systematically set up school. When you plan your venture, follow these steps involved in starting a preschool in Vishakhapatnam:

Create a plan by calculating the capital for space, infrastructure, equipment, marketing and other resources. Enlist the paperwork and documentation including approvals from the local authorities. Visakhapatnam being a developing city, the land prices are soaring high.

Research the market and select the best options for interior design and equipment. Based on the curriculum, select games and books that are innovative. Revisit the curriculum from time to time and upgrade it. Research the preschools in the surroundings and work on your business plan to make it better.

Look out for trained and efficient staff. Interview them and judge their capabilities to manage the tiny tots.

Advertise your brand once you have set up everything. Parents are inquisitive about every minute detail and you need to provide this confidence to them.

start a preschool in Vishakhapatnam Andhra PradeshOnce your preschool is established and running well, you can consider and expand to close by cities inlcuding Kakinada,  Rajamahendri , Brahmapur, Vijayawada, Guntur, Bhubaneswar , Warangal, Raipur, Bhilai

We are consultants for preschool business in India. Call us for preschool set up solutions including how to register and procedure to open daycare centers, nursery, primary schools in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Play school franchise in Indore – Start a preschool in Madhya Pradesh

Indore is the largest city in Madhya Pradesh. Apart from its historical importance, it is also a well-known commercial hub. Indore has a huge cultural diversity with people of various religions and faiths migrating from other Indian states and from outside India here. This city also has several renowned educational institutes and thus favors higher education. Thus urbanization also favors school and preschool education. You can think of preschool franchise business in Indore or start your own preschool. The latter is more logical as you will be investing a lot of effort and it can help you setting up your own brand.

In a major city like Indore, you can opt for the franchise of a renowned preschool brand. However, working on your own business prospect is a better option. Land prices are not very low in cities. You can plan to lease or rent out an apartment or a place suitable for a preschool. Having a play area is recommended.

indore start a play school franchise Madhya Pradesh Government has defined rules for school education. You need to check with the local education department regarding the compliances for preschools. Accordingly, you can prepare your business plan and start working on it. Having a multi-cultural customer class gives rise to varied expectations from parents. You should design your curriculum to provide the best of curricular and extracurricular activities. Based on your investment and budget, you can work out the best options for infrastructure and equipment. You can contact dealers who can provide the best options.

Once this is done, you can update your business plan and provide add-on options like travel, after school programs and so on. Cities provide a good response to such initiatives. This can also help in marketing.

Cities, place near indore which can be suited to start a preschool or play group business include Kanaria, Manglia, Hatod, Khurel Kalan, Harsola, Baloda, Kampel, Akolia, Betma.
Contact us and we shall guide you to open a low investment preschool without royalty, or play group, kindergarten, daycare, Montessori, etc

We also assist you with the procedure and rules for starting a school, school feasibility studies, process and curriculum development for Playgroup, teacher training etc ( Complete preschool set up solutions ). We offer the choicest play school furniture at fabulous discounts. As Indore is a developed city, quality education and good facilities can get you a great response here. You can very well consider starting a preschool in Indore.

Play school franchise in Nagpur – Open a preschool in Maharashtra

Nagpur is a major city and it is developing fast in various aspects. People are migrating there for jobs, careers and education as well. Nagpur has some of the renowned education and research institutes. Therefore, opening a preschool in this city can provide good prospects. There are opportunities for preschool franchise in Nagpur with various brands too.


Some of the guidelines on opening a preschool in Nagpur can be listed as follows:

  • Create a brand and a business plan for the same. Whether you are going for a playschool or a preschool with KG classes, it is always advisable to get your brand registered. The Maharashtra State government supports the initiatives like RTE and education development. Visit the Municipal office and find out about the rules and compliances for a preschool.
  • If you own the space, it is an advantage. Else, you can buy or rent out a place that is spacious and preferably has a play area. If you have an option to select the location, select a location that can provide you with ample admissions and has less number of preschools in the vicinity.
  • Research the curriculum structure offered by preschools in your city and develops a suitable curriculum. Nagpur offers education related to various boards and also has a considerable working class percentage. Hence ensure that the curriculum is competent.
  • Develop the infrastructure with necessary equipment and innovative items like toys, books and games. Hire staff members who are trained and experienced. Once you are set with all this, you can advertise and market your brand.

We are education consultants and provide services to start chain of best preschool franchise India and to start your own preschool as well. Our experts provide you with guidance in various stages of setting up a preschool.
Nagpur play school franchise



There are many localities in Nagpur city which are excellent for start you preschool play group business including Ajni, Koradi, Mahurjhari, Kamthi, Dhantoli, Sakardara, Itwari, Koradih Khapri, Kalmeshwar, Bhugaon Lohdongri etc.

We help you with play school set up solutions including preschool supplies, pre primary curriculum, creche, montessori, franchise set up model, support staff, teaching aids.  curriculum development designing, teacher training, procedure to start a play school, preschool management plan, play school furniture, enrichment programmes etc
maharashtra start a play school franchiseOther towns and cities to Nagpur in Maharashtra, India – which may be suitable to extend your play school franchise business can include : Akola, Durg, Jabalpur,Chandrapur, Amravati, Bhilai, Raipur, Nanded, Bhopal, Parbhani, Bilaspur  Warangal, Jalna, Dewas, Indore, Korba, Aurangabad,Dhule, Jhansi